Black Dress Belt

Black Dress Belt

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A formal cut belt built using the centuries old techniques of French leatherwork. A leather core is sculpted by hand giving the finished product a classically raised shape. The interior side of the belt is lined with full grain Buttero in a natural finish, allowing the wearer the opportunity to develop the interior patina over time.

  • Cut from Buttero cowhide tanned in Santa Croce, Italy.

  • Solid brass buckle forged in Boston, MA.

  • Made in New York

Belt Sizing

Picking the correct belt size can be notoriously difficult to do online. While selecting your pants size often translates, there are too many inconsistencies in the garment world to guarantee a match every time. This is the reason why you may fit into two different waist sizes depending on the brand, cut, or material of the pant.

Fortunately, every one of our belts aremade to order so no guessing needed. With just a quick measurement on your part, we can cut the belt exactly to size and lay the holes at the appropriate length. This guarantees a perfect fit every time.

Follow the diagram on the bottom left for instructions on finding your exact belt size. Then select the number from the drop down menu. Your belt will be cut to this exact measurement.

Please contact us with any questions.

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