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Our products are made by hand by one craftsman who blends the classic American aesthetic with European leather working techniques, resulting in a new standard of quality goods.




We believe in the "buy it once" idea.  All products are made using the highest quality materials, so they are guaranteed to only look better with age.

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We find beauty in intricacy, which is why all of our products are made with attention to detail at the forefront of all designs.



Steaming a ship at forty knots with no smoke pouring out of the stacks was notoriously difficult and required every sailor to do their job with the utmost precision. To do so meant that the ship was operating at peak efficiency – essentially everything was going perfectly.

We have taken this WWII sailor slang into our own brand identity.  As a brand, we know what our customers want because that's what the basis of our company was founded on.

Give them the best, or give them nothing at all.